With our ‘5 Reasons Why’ campaign really starting to take off, here’s a bit about our third nominated charity; Chester Voluntary Action. One of the Homeasy team went to the CVA HQ in Chester late last year to speak to the team and find out more about them and what they aim to do to help the people and other great causes in the area.

The 5 Reasons Why campaign was based around the fact we wanted to give back to our vital local charities and community groups, to make a real difference in the area.

The 5 charities that received the most public nominations are being added to our sale contracts, so customers have the option to round up their fee and donate to one of the charities listed.

These are Share Shop Chester, Chester Aid To The Homeless, Chester Voluntary Action, Live Laugh Lache and Hospice of the Good Shepherd.

Chester Voluntary Action (CVA) could be described as a charity for charities. They provide technical, financial and general support for small charities, causes and businesses across Cheshire West & Chester.

Their mission statement is “To develop and support the local voluntary sector.” CVA provide a voice for their members, a high quality service and essential support.

Support for a charity like this is essential, not just for them but for all the great causes they support. Whether that be volunteer, donations or crowdfunding.

The way we wanted to run this campaign is set to last, we want to keep our support of vital local causes ongoing!