Around October time 2018 we came up with the idea to start a campaign that gives back to our local community. Our ‘5 Reasons Why’ campaign ran on the idea we give our customers an option to round their fees up by £5 and choose which charity they would like the donation to go to. Homeasy will also match the donation made by each customer, making the total donation £10 every time this option is chosen!

The first step was to decide which charities would be chosen to run with our campaign, to do this we thought it would only be fair for the public to send in their nominations and we pick the 3 with the most nominations put forward. These ended up being ShareShop Chester, Chester Aid To The Homeless and Chester Voluntary Action.

To kick off this campaign, we visited the charities to get a real insight into the work that these charities do, behind closed doors. Firstly we went to the ShareShop in Chester City Centre to meet Adam Dandy who is Share’s co-founder. He explained to us the aims of Share are to help those who are either homeless, are in crisis or have had to flee their country.

Share do a lot of work across their 2 branches in Chester and Mold. The Chester branch is the HQ for supporting those who are homeless across the city. The Share volunteers help to raise funds for the charity, which are then split between their refugee and homeless projects. On their website you have the option to donate a suspended coffee, sandwich or both. Twice a week, the Share van will then distribute the donations made (Hot drinks, food, sleeping bags, warm clothing) to those living rough on the streets of Chester.

In Mold, Share volunteers receive, sort, pack and distribute all donations of clothing, footwear and other essential equipment, currently required by the refugee camps in Europe and further afield. Share coordinate their efforts with other refugee support organisations in the UK and abroad, to ensure that the right items are provided at the right time and to the right place. They also work with local agencies in North Wales, supporting families in crisis, by supplying them with basic household essentials, donated furniture, clothing, toys and baby/children’s items. You can send a donation of £2 to help send aid to refugees who have fled war-torn countries.

Share are also known for their great angel wings in the window of their Chester shop, make sure to head down there and get your picture taken and share with us!

As we all know, any donation made to charity goes a long way to helping those who are in need of the help and support provided. We wanted to give back to some amazing hardworking charities in our community, with the help of the local community.