With its stunning countryside location in the heart of Cheshire, The Chester Fields brings a modern, homely feel to the classic pub restaurant. Only 4 miles from Chester City Centre, you still feel the buzz of the City but with a breath of fresh air. After being taken on 7 years ago and a massive transformation under its belt, you can really see how much passion has gone into making it what it is today.

How did The Chester Fields begin?

So, The Chester Fields began with a story of two best friends, the Managing Director Mark and his best friend Alex who both attended boarding school together with a dream of having their own restaurant. The property for The Chester Fields came about 7 years ago and they decided to go for it! It was then transformed into what it is today and began its journey on November 2011.

How has The Chester Fields changed over the past 7 years?

We still have the classic pub feel but that has slightly changed over time to keep up with trends. We always like to support local businesses and source food locally.

What do you think The Chester Fields does differently?

I think we’re the only place in Chester to have an Austrian themed bar right in the middle of the beer garden! We’re not ones to follow the rules. We like to follow some trends, but we like to be unique. That’s with both the food and staff’s personality.

How would you describe your staff?

I would describe the staff as unique and friendly. It feels like a home from home for them, it’s a very relaxing environment to work in, which gives the place a homely feel.

What is your most popular dish?

It’s definitely got to be a pub classic like fish and chips. That’s always going to be a favourite, especially at lunchtimes but after that, it’s definitely the grilled options such as your burgers and your steaks.

Describe The Chester Fields in 3 words.

I would say charming, unique and homely!

If anyone, who has been your most famous customer?

If you ask me it’s Mel C, I’ve always been a big spice girls fan! Michael Owen is also a bit of a regular.

Do you do any deals or events?

Yes, we have quite a lot really! Running Monday to Saturday is the Chef’s Lunchtime menu, so you get 3 courses for £15.

On the third Tuesday of every month, we do a 50% off from 5 pm, all night. All starters, mains & desserts are included.

We also run a ‘Grilled Grub’ night every Thursday, so all the grilled menu like your burgers, ribs and steaks are included. There’s also a choice of 4 amazing sharing platters on our ‘Grilled Grub’ night, the ‘Pig Out’ board is great!

We are also starting a vegetarian and vegan night, which will be held every Wednesday from 5 pm.

What would you say is your favourite feature?

For me it’s got to be the outside bar, it has a great atmosphere, especially in the summer.

What does the future hold for The Chester Fields?

There are lots of plans in place at the moment. We are looking at a house that’s on site to turn into bedrooms and a building function suite. We are also in the process of applying for a licence to hold weddings and maybe open a second venue in the City Centre, so it’s exciting!

What do you like most about the location?

I think we’re a place where you can still feel the hustle and bustle of Chester without being right in the thick of it, there is always a great atmosphere around here.

How can people go about making a booking?

They can do it over the phone, online or through Facebook!


To make a booking with The Chester Fields you can call them on 01244 303100, email them on enquireinn@thechesterfields.co.uk or find them on Facebook @thechesterfields.