Set in the heart of Hoole’s vibrant community is The Faulkner, a modern gastropub, perfect for those looking for great British pub food at restaurant standard. Serving food from 12 pm, The Faulkner is the place to go if you fancy digging into their ever-growing menu, or making your way through the gin menu in the quaint courtyard out back. Have a read of our interview with owner Darren…..


Tell us about the beginning of The Faulkner.

Me and my wife Kelly took it over February 2012, so we’ve had it 6 years now and a lot of hard work has gone into making it what it is today. We’ve refurbished twice in that time and we just gradually built on a part of what we’ve always done which is introduce fresh food.

When is your busiest time?

I think we’re quite lucky, due to where we’re situated and the reputation we’ve built up, we are quite steady most nights. Obviously, Friday and Saturdays are busy, like any place. After that, I’d say Tuesday nights, as we have our 2 for 1 pizza offer and people love that.

What’s your favourite dish on the menu?

For me, it has to be the Sage Chicken Breast. So it’s chicken stuffed with mushroom wrapped in prosciutto, served with kale, baby carrots, sauteed new potatoes and a lemon butter sauce. I’d recommend that to anyone!

Is there a lot of variation with the menus?

Yeah, we tend to change it up every 2 months. We do keep a staple of around 50% of the dishes, the ones our customers really love. We’ve actually just re-launched 6 new dishes to keep up with seasonal changes, they’re all on our website. The light bites do get changed more regularly as there’s only a few of them so we like to keep it fresh and exciting.

Any other deals or events on?

So our lunchtime deal runs 12-5 Monday to Friday. With that customers get either a sandwich, a small side and a soft drink for £7.95 or one of our Light Bites and a soft drink for £9.95.

On Monday nights it’s Burger night, there’s a choice of steak, chicken or veggie burgers with chips and a drink from £11.

Wednesday’s we offer 25% off mains and desserts when people book online, Thursday’s our steak and wine night, that’s £12.50 for Rump Steak and a glass of house wine and then it’s Fizzy Friday! So 25% off bottles of fizz and prosecco.

How would you describe the staff at The Faulkner?

Amazing. If you look at any of our reviews it’s always the same thing, never a bad word said. The staff we have here, they’ve been with us a long time so they enjoy it here.

They just give off a very friendly, relaxed vibe and they’re completely focused on giving the best customer service out there.

What do you love most about being in this part of Chester?

Having done many years previously in management in city centre bars and restaurants, I love the suburbs. You don’t feel the pressure the city centre brings, it’s a lot more relaxed.

I just love being in the centre of a neighbourhood and the fact Hoole is very much a community now. I was actually a part of the creation of the NottingHoole campaign.

We get the locals coming in, travellers staying in the surrounding B&B’s and racegoers who want to escape the madness of the city centre on race day!

There are so many great bars around here too, so there’s something for everyone!

How would you describe The Faulkner in 3 words?

Pub, bar, restaurant. Because that’s what we are, simple as that really.

What’s your favourite interior feature?

For the interior I’d have to say the big windows to the side of the building, they open right up and sort of bring the outside in, it’s great in the summer. But personally, my favourite feature is the courtyard we have out the back, it’s really lovely and not many know about it, it’s a hidden gem!

How can people go about making a booking with you?

Through our website, Facebook or just give us a call or pop in and speak to us. We’re easy!


To book with The Faulkner, you can visit their website or call them on 01244 328195.