Keeping your home warm during this cold spell can be an expensive task! We’ve got 5 tips that are easy on your pocket, that will help keep your home warm this winter.

1 – Cover any door that lets in a draught with a draught excluder. As a quick fix, rather than investing in new doors, simply keeping out the cold air with an excluder will work wonders. You can purchase them online or from hardware shops from as little as £5!

2 – Adding curtains to your windows can help keep the cold out and the warm in. Remember if it’s sunny out, keep them open to let the sun heat your home naturally but once the sun sets, draw the curtains to keep the heat in!

3 – Keep your internal doors closed when possible. It’s a lot harder to heat a large space, so keeping the doors shut will save you keeping the heating on trying to heat the space.

4 – Bleed your radiators. Your radiators could have air trapped, which means they aren’t getting as warm as they should, while this will still use up the same amount of energy. Here’s a guide to bleeding your radiators efficiently.

5 – Invest in a Smart Thermostat. They start from as little as £80, but installing one could save you on average £130 a year on your energy bills!